I broke my foot on Sunday. We were on Vancouver Island, at the very end of our weekend away, staying with friends.

I’d gone outside where it had been raining, saw the garage door closing, decided I’d try run back inside, and slipped on the concrete with wet shoes.

Anyway, we thought it was just a sprain (albeit painful). The flight on Sunday night was ok, but walking off the plane was agony. We acquired the use of the golf cart at the airport.

Yesterday I got a walking stick, but the foot was still sore when I touched it.

Today the foot was turning blue, so we decided to go for X-rays, you know, just in case.

I now have an air cast, which is like an adjustable boot. It means I can keep my foot clean (thank goodness).

I have a base of metatarsal fracture. The two inside bones are broken. Luckily my ankle is fine.

Climbing stairs is interesting. We have three levels in the house, but the crutches make life somewhat easier.