I like the new iOS user interface. It’s dramatically updated. There’s a non-disclosure agreement I’ve signed as a developer, so I can’t say much about it outside of what is public knowledge, but if you watch the keynote address from WWDC, you’ll see what it looks like.

OS X is less dramatic, but has taken some cues from the flatter design. Then there’s the name: Mavericks. I joked on Twitter earlier that it was Malarkey.

Thoughts and observations:

– iOS 7 is as buggy as I’d expect it to be, but less so than iOS 5’s initial beta. I had to restore from an iCloud backup after running into issues with the iTunes backup and as a result, lost a fair amount of settings (including, frustratingly, Google Authenticator). This isn’t necessarily the fault of iOS 7. I have a 70% confidence rating that it was my doing.

– OS X seems to have done something to the Dock icons. They seem more defined, including third-party apps. This could be nonsense, but I’m sure I’m right.

– I like where iOS 7 is going, but I think a lot of people will hate it. Remember when people hated the nth Facebook redesign? This refresh was necessary, and we’ll all get used to it.

– My iPad is still chugging along on iOS 6. I’m not that brave yet. I’ll switch to the beta in the third or fourth release.

– Some iOS apps required deleting and reinstalling, which of course deleted their settings too. Some apps don’t even start.

– The Google Drive and Realtor.ca apps appear to be stuck in the “Waiting” phase, which is interesting because I can open them, sometimes, using sleight of hand in the App Store’s Purchased section.

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