I’ve been in and out of the AirCast for the last week or so.

When I did break three bones in my foot and thought it was a sprain, M bought me a cane. This very same cane came in handy now, since I’m off crutches.

I always imagined an old man waving his wooden cane at the neighbourhood kids, yelling at them. Now at 36, I’m that guy. Except my cane is electric blue and made of aluminium.

So if I put my mind to it, I can do steps like a normal person, and not two feet per stair.

There’s a lot of residual pain in my ankle from lack of use, and my right calf muscle is sad and alone. The left one will recover in time.

So the good news is, I can walk again. On level surfaces, I can mostly do without the cane. This is worlds apart from three weeks ago when I was yelling and screaming about crutches. I spent around 80 days on them. It was not cool.

Rambling post over.