This Easter weekend, I participated in the production of a short film, for the Calgary Underground Film Festival‘s 48-hour Movie Making Challenge.

The rules require a film between two and five minutes in length (including titles), and each team is given the same prop and a line to be used in their film. A random theme or genre is assigned, to mix things up.

As its name suggests, the idea is to produce the entire film, from start to finish, in a 48-hour span.

The whole team was involved in the pitch meeting, which began with dinner on Friday night, once we had our three prescribed things.

At 8:30pm, the actors were kicked out and told to get some sleep. The writers went to work immediately, and distributed a script just after midnight. On Saturday we filmed until 6pm (finishing earlier than expected), and the music and editing team went to work on Sunday. The final product was delivered on schedule on Sunday evening.

My part was limited to walking around in a sheet and repeating lines in the fantastic script, so the most love should go to our fantastic crew, helmed by Mr Shaun Pulsifer and his able co-conspirator, Anna Mae Alexander.

This isn’t an Oscar acceptance speech, so I will not bore you with a list of names you do not know. Instead, if you live in Calgary or surrounds, please make an effort to attend the screening on 19 April 2015 at 15h00 (3pm). Our film is called Unhappy Endings.

You can get your tickets from Ticketfly.

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