Today I have been listening (via Apple Music) to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, most famous for its choral section in Part IV.

And I realised that I attributed this piece to “Beethoven”, as opposed to (in this case, a very good performance by) the London Symphony Orchestra with Wyn Morris, and the singing talents of Alison Hargan, David Rendall, Della Jones and Gwynne Howell.

Curious then, with modern music, that the performer gets all the credit, even if a team of twenty writers composed the music.

And because I’m silly, I have to wonder if Ludwig ever played the violin? I find it mind-boggling that composers of this type of music can write music for each section, and even more astounding that (for example) Handel wrote The Messiah in a very short period of time.

Little wonder then that this music continues to remain in the public consciousness for centuries.