We Didn’t Start 2016

(With apologies to Billy Joel.) Carrie Fisher, Leonard Cohen, Arquette, Geordie Howe George Michael, Nancy Reagan, Phife Dawg, Zydeco Garry Shandling, Garry Marshall, Rob Ford, Ron Glass David Bowie, John Glenn, Wilder, Castro Prince Rogers Nelson, "Freaky" Leon Haywood Zsa Zsa, Henderson, Ricky Harris, Harper Lee David Smyrl, Caldwell, "Wizard of Woo" Worrell, Green and … Continue reading We Didn’t Start 2016


I've taken a break from Twitter for a while. This means unfollowing everyone. I am using Twitter Lists, though, so I am keeping track of events as they occur. I have opened up my Direct Messages, and will respond to DMs (following the golden rule, of course).