Books To Read This Winter

Warren Ellis (the British author, not the Australian musician, though both have immaculate beards) asked his friends to recommend one book to read this winter.

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I asked a bunch of friends for the name of one book they planned to read this winter. I am delighted to be able to share their suggestions with you.

Ingrid Burrington, author of NETWORKS OF NEW YORKThe Mushroom at the End of the World, Anna Tsing (UK) (US)

Lucy Swope, GHOST COP: Jerusalem, Alan Moore

Chris DuFour, White Canvas Group: Twin Peaks: A Secret History, Mark Frost

Steve Prue, photographer: Necrophilia Variations, Supervert

John Rogers, writer/producer: I Contain Multitudes, Ed Yong

Gideon Kiers, Sonic Acts: The Melancholy of Resistance, László Krasznahorkai

Elliot Blake, Amazon Studios: Before the Fall, Noah Hawley

Benjamin Percy, author: The Once and Future King, T.H. White

Damien Williams, writer and teacher: Magic In Islam, Michael Muhammad Knight

Klint Finley, writer and journalist: A Paradise Built in Hell, Rebecca Solnit

Jim Rossignol, videogame producer: Landmarks, Robert Macfarlane

Sean Bonner, Safecast: Everything Belongs To The Future, Laurie Penny

Kyoto Kitamura, vocalist and composer: Showa 1926-1939, Shigeru Mizuki

Justin Pickard, anthropologist: Iraq + 100, ed. Hassan Blasim

Robin Sloan, author & media inventor: Hild, Nicola Griffith

Anab Jain, Superflux: Being Mortal, Atul Gawande

Nalden, co-founder WeTransfer: Postcapitalism, Paul Mason

Chris DiBona, open source director at Google: Luftwaffe Over America, Manfred Griehl

Richard Kadrey, author: Gourmet Ghosts – Los Angeles, James T. Bartlett

Kio Stark, author of WHEN STRANGERS MEET: The Mushroom At The End Of The World, Anna Tsing

Ganzeer, artist and writer: Pictures At 11, Norman Spinrad

Johannes Kleske, Third Wave Berlin: Four Futures, Peter Frase

Arikia Millikan, writer/editor: Cloud Atlas, David Mitchell

Georgina Voss, writer/researcher: The Democratic Surround, Fred Turner

Douglas Rushkoff, theorist & writer: The End of Time, Julian Barbour

Julian Simpson, writer/director: The Nightmare Stacks, Charles Stross

Dan Novy, MIT, Magic Leap, VFX artist: Jerusalem, Alan Moore

Patrick Pittman,writer/editor: This is the Place to Be, Lara Pawson

Kiyash Monsef, writer/director: Universal Harvester, John Darnielle

Jay Springett, artist/theorist: Ifá: A Forest of Mystery, Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold

Paul Graham Raven,writer: Words Are My Matter, Ursula le Guin

Samuel de Goede, writer: Wild Irises

Deb Chachra, professor: Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Cthulucene, Donna Haraway

Adam Rothstein, archivist, writer & artist: Great Tales of Jewish Fantasy and the Occult, edited and translated by Joachim Neugreoschel

Mikey Pryvt, writer: Star Ark, Rachel Armstrong

Louisa Heinrich, strategist: Star Maker, Olaf Stapledon

E Paul Zehr, professor and author: The Dead Mountaineer’s Inn, Boris & Arkady Strugatsky

Corey White, author: Everything Belongs to the Future, Laurie Penny

Klint Finley, writer: A Paradise Built in Hell, Rebecca Solnit

Wayne Chambliss, strategist: Notes on the Underground, Rosalind Williams

Am I going to read all of the books on this list? Probably not. However, I’m sure you’ll find something to keep you warm.