Retrenched twice by the same company in three months?

I work for a bunch of ARSEHOLES! Today is the SECOND time since the beginning of March 2003 that I have been identified for retrenchment. This time though, it's not just my department they want to close. No, the holding company wants to pretty much get rid of everyone. Well fuck them, I say. If you want to offer me a job, I'm REALLY interested.

Blog Update

What's really interesting is how the blog has taken off on the Internet. Someone called it the "new BBS", and in some ways I agree. Then again, in some ways I disagree, only because its community theme runs a bit dry when one considers that if you're in the right clique, you'll be able to promote your blog, vacuous as it may seem, as a top visited site.


My house was broken into yesterday, and aside from the inconvenience of suffering losses of a broken video machine and a broken hi-fi, I am pissed off with the reaction of people I tell. "You have to live with it, I guess", and "That's the way life is" are comments that annoy me, because something can be done about the crime in this country.

Welcome to my blog

Well here we are. Quarter past eight in the morning. I can't get no sleep. Well, sort of. We got a new CEO yesterday after the last one resigned. Sure, we're confident that the company is in good hands since the majority buyout last year, but some of us are worried that the essence has gone that made this company great.