There’s a land across the ocean
Found where the rainbow ends:
You go by sea in a red-striped hat,
Along with all of your friends.

You sail for fifty miles northeast,
Then twenty-four north-west;
You eat a sailor’s breakfast twice,
Then just lay down and rest.

You sleep for forty dreams away,
You wake up when the seagulls cry:
Then out of the boat you step at last,
Looking up at the purple sky.

The trees are red and gold,
The grass has a silver glow,
Fireflies dance to an orange moon,
In: The Land of Netherbedoe.

Don’t run too fast in the setting sun,
Don’t ask where you can go,
Just be satisfied with a few short dreams
In: The Land of Netherbedoe.

Copyright © 1997, B. Bezuidenhout