Work took an unpleasant but not unexpected turn. I've been having reservations about one of my colleagues, and just last week suspected something. Suffice to say that my feelings were correct. Just as well my work speaks for itself.

Face it …

I challenged my sister to see who has more friends on Facebook. Since I signed up on Wednesday night I have acquired 19 friends (the rule is that we have to actually know them in real life). If I keep this up, I will have approximately 1000 friends by the end of September.


I finally relented, and signed up last night with Facebook. This after spending six hours sleeping through a migraine. The headache is still there today, though I've been given some heavy duty drugs to help me through the day.

The happiest couple!

Deaf and blind, communicating by touch - they must be the happiest people in the world. Granted, they're a little old so images of marshmallows and parking meters come to mind, but still!

Looking like a Bob

I was christened "Randolph". New research (see related link) shows that some people associate faces with names based on features. So, for example, a Bob would have a rounder face. Very interesting. People tell me I don't look like a Randolph. If I don't, then who do I look like?