Sick children

Apparently, studies have shown that cough medicine is ineffective in children, and in some cases harmful. I'm sure that those cases would be the self-medicating kind. I remember when my brother self-medicated with a red-coloured cough mixture which he referred to as "red Coke".


Apparently there's some big match tonight. Meanwhile, my husband and I will be watching High School Musical 2, which I taped last night.

Sweet Jesus

An artist called Cosimo Cavallaro, who happens to have a picture of a burning piano on his home page (just to put things in context), is causing a lot of consternation regarding a chocolate sculpture of Jesus in the buff.

Touch me

My i-mate K-JAM's touch-screen died about two weeks ago. I am busy transferring everything back to my P900, which fortunately I didn't get rid of last year, so that I can send the K-JAM in for repairs. Hopefully it's nothing serious, because I actually like the K-JAM.