Billion dollar cabbage

My great aunt, who is a resident of Harare, Zimbabwe, went shopping this week. She bought a cabbage and a gem squash, and some meat. The expedition cost Z$1 billion. And now, because of the escalating violence, she has an armed escort and 24-hour security where she lives.


I had this bug on my PC for the last month, which coincided with an update of my Intel motherboard drivers, so I thought I had downloaded some dodgy drivers.

Ho’ say can you see …

John McCain, the Republican candidate and old white man, is going to win the US elections, mainly because everyone has forgotten how a Republic works. The popular vote counts for absolutely nothing. The Electoral College, made up by old white men, chooses the president. That's how GW got in. Do you honestly think they'd choose a black man or a transvestite white woman?

Sarah Connor? *blam*

Max du Preez, well-known (and well-respected) journalist, has made an interesting and I dare say accurate description of our Governor of the Reserve Bank, Tito Mboweni. He uses the words "Terminator", and "robot-like" in his continual increase of the interest rate to combat inflation. While this is hardly the forum for economic discussion, I think it's amusing that the three people in charge of our economy's names all start with "T": Thabo, Trevor and Tito. That makes T3 ...