There are words that can accurately describe how I’m feeling right now. These would include exhausted, drained, tired, sleepy, somnolent, and soporific.

Then there are other words that can describe my state of mind, which would also be accurate: inspired, grateful, excited, awed, amazed, and invigorated.

The latter have resulted in the former, and while I take the weekend to catch up and relax, I need to gush a little.

Without question, this last week has been the single best week of training I’ve had in fifteen years. Not since 1997 have I felt this close to the material, this excited about learning, and wanting to spend every night working with what I’ve learnt during the day.

In fact, I’ve been so invested in this training that I forgot about many things that are happening elsewhere in my life. “Immersion Event” is more than just a name. I think Paul and Kimberly have produced a startlingly brilliant course that, without preparation, would have taken me off-guard. The many hours I spent (and continue to spend) watching MCM videos and reading books have paid off. The effort I made to play with SQL Server outside of my comfort zone is also starting to pay off.

As I revise the information we’ve gone through this past week, I wonder on the one hand whether I can absorb any more information, and on the other hand whether there is more information I can find to supplement what I have learnt.

I realised this week that I had large gaps in my knowledge. I knew this going in, but I underestimated those gaps. To be so immersed in something that it becomes a thing of beauty is a wonderful, tiring experience. And there are two more weeks to go!

It certainly didn’t hurt winning an MCM knowledge exam voucher in the process, because now I am even more driven to achieve what I set out to in 1997: to be the best I can be at whatever I set my mind to.

Thank you, SQL Skills. Thank you, Paul and Kimberly. And of course my wonderful “Spouse A” for making this possible.