As I mentioned previously, I spent two weeks in the incredible city of Chicago, having more SQL Server shovelled into my skull, this time courtesy of Bob Beauchemin.

The first week was the Immersion Event for Developers, followed by the Immersion Event on Security, PowerShell, and Development Support.

On both Thursdays, I participated in the open presentation evening. In Week 1, Kenneth Urena (blog | twitter) and I compared two recovery scenarios, then had the audience guess which one was the real deal, and which one was the dress-rehearsal.

In Week 2, I re-introduced my SQL Server 2000 Duplicate Index Finder, and thanks to some fortuitous timing, was able to introduce a workaround in the script for a known issue, before presenting on it.

Both weeks also had some great presentations from other classmates (in IE1, IE3, and our own classes), and I learnt a lot and met some wonderful people, too many to mention here (though Jason did have an excellent singing voice).

A special shout-out to Andy Yun, who helped us make great food choices.

Thanks also to everyone who made me comfortable with my broken foot. I even had Kimberly lend me her knee scooter (it’s a real thing, I promise), which made getting around much easier.