Gritty is the recently unveiled mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers, an ice hockey team in the National Hockey League. Researching that sentence just now, I learned more about Gritty than I knew before.


Despite not being au fait with Gritty’s origin story, I’ve been enamoured with his image and without realising it, I have contributed to the meme-ification (if that’s even a word) of the mascot on Twitter.

I don’t know why, but I think it’s because I am a huge fan of googly eyes, and Gritty embodies their hilarity while being a giant orange hairball with a backstory. As I said on Twitter:

Like the dress from Moncler 1 Pierpaolo Piccioli, I’m enamoured with this Gritty creature. I still don’t know who or what it is for, but it is the best orange creature with funny hair to come out of the US.

In order to preserve this tiny piece of magic, here are some things that I and my Twitter friends have come up with when talking about Gritty.

  • Gritty, the Musical
  • Gritty, the Biopic
  • 2 Gritty, the Sequel
  • 2 Gritty 2 Furious
  • Gritty 3: My God, It’s Full of Stars
  • Gritty 3000
  • Ménage a Gritty
  • Gritty 4: A New Hope*
  • Gritty 4: Salvation
  • Gritty 5: The Awakening
  • Gritty Rises
  • Zamboni Dust, the Rise and Fall of Gritty
  • Gritty 7: Generations

** Wes said: “Now I’m envisioning him talking like a wookiee.” (Thanks for the title of this post, Wes!)

Ken suggested:

  • Gritty Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  • You’ve Got Gritty
  • Gritty-less in Seattle

Pete suggested:

  • Star Wars The Last Gritty

Lonny suggested:

  • New Jack Gritty
  • Bright Lights, Big Gritty

Jay suggested:

  • True Gritty

Brandon suggested:

  • Gritty Gritty Bang Bang

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Featured image is copyright Philadelphia Flyers.

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