Rehearsals are underway for The French Kiss Off, a Confederation Theatre farce I am directing, written and produced by Alan Le Boeuf.

I haven’t directed a farce in Canada before, so it’s a first. The cast numbers nine in total, which is fairly large, so I have an able team to help me including two assistant directors.

Look out for tickets in January 2019. The show will be at the Victor Mitchell Theatre at the Pumphouse in Calgary, from 15 to 26 February 2019.

The cast is, in order of lines they have to memorise:

  • Mark Fraser (Kieran)
  • Michael Armstrong (Rick)
  • Yvonne Friedrich (Carla)
  • Greg Spielman (Mr Clovis)
  • Lisette Allan (Natasha)
  • Bill McCarthy (Mr Wyndham)
  • Jen Leclaire (Jen)
  • Murray Melnychuk (Gerald)
  • Ross Hart (Arthur)

I’ve been acting since being kicked out of the school play in 1985 for not knowing my lines, and directing has been an interesting and engaging diversion I’ve pursued for just over a decade.

The cast has been working very hard already, which is just as well because the show is a little over six weeks from now.

I hope you can make it.

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