I will be stepping back from a number of things in 2020, for personal reasons. I am still attending SQL Saturday Victoria, the MVP Summit, and SQLBits, plus I have the Calgary PASS user group to run, but I have yet to decide on PASS Summit.

I love the SQL Server community and I’ve loved writing two books for Microsoft (despite how much work it is and how frustrating it can be).

I will also be spending less time on social media, at least for a little while. As much as I love my online friends, taking a break is not a bad thing. It’s not like it’s difficult to get hold of me. Also, someone should write a Twitter DM-only app (like Whisper was for App.net).

Finally, I want you to take care of yourselves and those around you. Tough times are ahead with climate change, and we need to stick together and be useful to those who don’t have the same abilities and opportunities.

Thank you to everyone (especially my long-suffering husband). I’ll see all of you when I can.

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