I picked a new theme for this site, moved it over to WPEngine because I’m tired of managing WordPress sites and I couldn’t find a good enough static site generator that handled comments in a reasonable way.

I’m also worried about COVID-19, but not in a panicky sort of way. It’s more a worry about how other people are reacting to it. Related: I’m sad the Microsoft MVP Global Summit was cancelled (though it has been converted into a virtual conference) because I miss my friends and this is one of two times a year I get to see them. Also, I have concerns that SQLBits will be affected as well.

The Alberta government is diving head-first into ridiculousness, making a mockery of the province. I didn’t vote for the conservatives, but over 60% of the province did. I would never vote conservative, but then I’m so far left there isn’t a party that represents me. Then again, the best party to vote for is the strongest opposition.

So, pretty glum, really.

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