Sir Salman

I have to wonder what damage the large-scale brainwashing of the great unwashed is doing under the guise of religion. Reading the news these days, it's hard to believe that people wanting the death of a British author for insulting their invisible friend, have actually bothered reading the book in the first place.

150 days of madness

Picture it: Sandton, 2007. The launch of a 150-day plan to migrate a set of disparate systems into a fully integrated hybrid data warehouse system running Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and associated plugins. Some of us (including me) are a little bewildered by the prospect, especially considering the volume of data and applications that need to migrate in this short period of time.


I once wrote a (very) short story about a man called Pineapple George. I still hold the copyright. In 2005, I accidentally unleashed the character on the world (well, more like the school I was teaching at). He took on his own persona, aided by Chloe and Tyronne, and we won a prize for best original script.