I read this today on Twitter, and re-tweeting does not give it justice: "I will not sleep until this night eschews the sun in memory of my mother, who toiled and fought for 24 hours to eject the parasitic boarder she had housed for 9 months. And once freed from the burden of childbirth, rejoiced … Continue reading Dedication

Piracy and You

Following on from yesterday’s rant is a much shorter note, which holds for software, music and video piracy. I’ve just read an article on TechCrunch today about studios delaying the rental of DVDs for 30 days after their release, which is an interesting read in itself. What jumped out at me is this: If you … Continue reading Piracy and You

Branded Internet and Vitality Broadband stole from me

This is an email I have just written to discovery [AT], when I discovered a fraudulent withdrawal of funds from my bank account yesterday, three days after my account was cancelled (and confirmed in writing). “To whom it may concern. I am a long-time Discovery Health and Discovery Life member. I was until very … Continue reading Branded Internet and Vitality Broadband stole from me