Pineapple George: thirty minutes of mayhem and bison blood

In 2005, I taught Computer Literacy at Beaulieu College in Kyalami. It was fun. During my time there, I helped some students produce a play, based on an extremely short story I wrote in my youth, called Pineapple George. This was the transmogrified version, with undue credit. I hope this haunts their Google searches in … Continue reading Pineapple George: thirty minutes of mayhem and bison blood


On Friday I posted an image that I found on Twitter, now quite famous, comprising a hastily sketched peace sign, which also includes a likeness of the Eiffel Tower. It is an emotive image, capturing in art what is impossible to say in words. As my friend in Cape Town says, I don't have answers. … Continue reading Paris

“Government is breaking the internet”

Please take some time to read this column by Ivo Vegter. The Cybercrime Bill also criminalises investigative journalism and whistleblowing, by making it illegal to so much as receive government data classified as confidential or secret. Possession and transmission of such information will also be illegal. The way the bill defines cyber-terrorism is far too … Continue reading “Government is breaking the internet”