What to do at PASS Summit 2016

(Originally posted on my SQL Server blog.) Next week, while blog posts are scheduled as expected, I will be attending my third PASS Summit. Summit 2014 In my first year, I attended every single event I could. The Monday night started with Steve Jones’ regular Networking Dinner. When I arrived, there were already over a hundred people there,Continue reading What to do at PASS Summit 2016


Las Vegas, the city of sin, excess, and desert heat; and the location for the 49th Star Trek Convention. The guest list would make you excited even if you’re not a big Trekkie. Here’s a sample of the guests. They claim that next year will have over 100, for the 50th Anniversary.

SQLskills in Chicago, Redux

As I mentioned previously, I spent two weeks in the incredible city of Chicago, having more SQL Server shovelled into my skull, this time courtesy of Bob Beauchemin. The first week was the Immersion Event for Developers, followed by the Immersion Event on Security, PowerShell, and Development Support. On both Thursdays, I participated in theContinue reading SQLskills in Chicago, Redux