Sometimes, “D’oh!” just doesn’t cut it …

"In the course of this discussion [Nicholson] changed the rules of the game, took his eyes off the ball and red-carded not only players but also spectators". Nicholson then overstepped his judicial authority by failing "to confine the judgement to the issues before the court; by deciding matters that were not germane or relevant; by creating new factual issues; by making gratuitous findings against persons who were not called upon to defend themselves; by failing to distinguish between allegation, fact and suspicion; and by transgressing the proper boundaries between judicial, executive and legislative functions."

Name and Shame of South African Spammers: Sahara Computers

The second crowd who can't seem to understand unsubscription requests is Sahara Computers. As in my previous incident with TurboCASH, I was receiving four copies of all their sales news. This is usually about ten emails a week, on average, including a price list exceeding 500KB. So, when the price list is sent out, I get over 1.5MB of spam.