Name and Shame of South African Spammers: Sahara Computers

The second crowd who can't seem to understand unsubscription requests is Sahara Computers. As in my previous incident with TurboCASH, I was receiving four copies of all their sales news. This is usually about ten emails a week, on average, including a price list exceeding 500KB. So, when the price list is sent out, I get over 1.5MB of spam.

TurboCASH can’t figure out how to remove emails from a mailing list

I purchased a domain recently (in May 2008) that had just expired, and immediately started receiving emails from various newsletters that the previous owner had subscribed to. That was fine. I was able to find unsubscribe options in most cases, and was successful in all those cases. Except for two.

On Satanism, Swords and Slipknot

The country has been going on the last two days about an 18 year old boy who killed another boy at school with a sword, and then attacked two gardeners. The original reports described the boy as being dressed in a balaclava, with his face smeared in black paint. Details emerged later in the day about how the boy blamed Satan for his actions, and was dressed like the drummer in a band called Slipknot. He was also high on drugs at the time.

Too quiet …

That's me, too quiet … on the issue of Jon Qwelane's article this last Sunday equating homosexuality with bestiality. He must be fired by his newspaper, fined by the Human Rights Commission, and banned from writing in public media. He is no better than the Mugabe he praises, or Hitler before him.

Doppio Zero Rosebank Sucks

We went to this place on Sunday morning for M's birthday breakfast, and it sucks. The food arrived for some people, and not for others, and when the rest came, it was cold. The waiter was a first prize idiot, and the manager (who looked about 12 years old) useless. When I wanted to pay, they took seven attempts of processing my card before deciding that it wouldn't go through. To crown it off, there were flies around the food.