Danny Glover is an obliviot

Once upon a time, I referred to obliviots as “tomcruises”, because Tom Cruise exemplified the term when he jumped on Oprah’s couch, said he would eat the placenta, and then backed out. They might all have been called “dannyglovers” if he had eaten the placenta. Anyway, Danny Glover is almost as ignorant as Pat Robertson.Continue reading Danny Glover is an obliviot

TurboCASH can’t figure out how to remove emails from a mailing list

I purchased a domain recently (in May 2008) that had just expired, and immediately started receiving emails from various newsletters that the previous owner had subscribed to. That was fine. I was able to find unsubscribe options in most cases, and was successful in all those cases. Except for two.

Angelo Bagnasco is an obliviot

Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, the head of Italy’s bishops, is this month’s obliviot for comparing a bill that would grant rights to same-sex couples to allowing incest and paedophilia. La Repubblica newspaper reported his comments at a meeting of Roman Catholic church employees: “Why say no to forms of legally recognised co-habitation which create alternatives toContinue reading Angelo Bagnasco is an obliviot