Pride 2001 Organising Committee

Recent news about the most successful Pride parade in Johannesburg’s history, interrupted by female activists from the One in Nine group, has led me to write down memories and thoughts about my experience on the 2001 organising committee. Eleven years is a Very Long Time in South African LGBTI history, and somehow the fact thatContinue reading Pride 2001 Organising Committee

PocketCloud Windows Companion vs RDP port-forwarding

Someone asked a question on SuperUser today, about getting PocketCloud and RDP to play nicely together, where they could connect to the host from outside the network. I thought I’d repeat my answer here with more info. Firstly, it’s important to note that PocketCloud Windows Companion uses the Remote Desktop Protocol, running on port 3389.Continue reading PocketCloud Windows Companion vs RDP port-forwarding